Serene 12 Gal ( Standard Glass )


Mr. Aqua

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Mr. Aqua aquariums are produced using high clarity glass with thicknesses ranging between 5mm to 10mm depending on the size. By eliminating the plastic frame that surrounds typical aquarium systems, the Mr. Aqua aquarium provides a clean and clear view of your aquatic life.

Normally the plastic frame is used to support and keep the glass from bending under pressure in standard quality aquariums. Mr. Aqua utilizes a thicker glass for increased rigidity with a specially formulated silicone manufactured in Germany that bonds the glass together with extreme strength while being safe for your fish and aquatic life.

Each glass aquarium is meticulously assembled with straight and true beveled cut glass and a fine application of high strength silicone, making the Mr Aqua aquarium not only watertight and rigid but aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

35.4″ x 8.3″ x 9.4″ and 12 gallons


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